Art camp; art internship; Birmingham art community

Live. Create. Bond. Connect.

Studio 2500 is Alabama’s only Black-owned fine art gallery and represents so much more. The studio and gallery aims to showcase artists and create connection among the artists and art supporters throughout Birmingham.

Studio 2500 Community and Programs includes Art camp; art internship; Birmingham art community

Designed for Artists by Artists

Exhibiting at Studio 2500 is an exceptional experience for artists. The space and the gallery’s philosophy are designed by artists for artists so that the best presentation of each work of art is maximized. Whether you are a seasoned or emerging artist, this is the place where your experience will reach new heights and where you can tap into the potential waiting to be noticed. From Studio 2500, forward and beyond.

Studio 2500 Community and Programs includes Art camp; art internship; Birmingham art community
studio 2500 art community and art programs for artists

Open Studio for Artists

Come and join us with a blank canvas to create art. Let’s meet, connect, and network with fellow artists. Keep an eye out for “Open Studio!”

Call for Artists to Showcase Original Work

Studio 2500 hosts art exhibits to showcase work from artists across Birmingham and beyond. We especially seek to help local black artists gain exposure. Look out for our next exhibit for artists to apply to and join.

Our Art Programs

Our special programs include art enrichment for students and initiatives to connect neighbors around Studio 2500 while attracting residents from all over to join the cultural experience.

studio 2500 art programs
Student Interns
Youth Artwork
studio 2500 art camp
Art Camp

Student Internships

We host student internships every year and enjoy instilling artistic aspirations in kids throughout Birmingham City Schools. We welcome college students and art majors interested in working in an art gallery. Students will gain skills in business and marketing. In addition to resume-building hard skills, students acquire  entrepreneurial and interpersonal skills that will serve them on any path their future takes them.

For College Students

Internships are geared towards students who are art majors and interested in working in an art gallery. Students will gain hands-on experience with the following:

  • Graphic design
  • Design and conceptualize merchandise
high school student internships at studio 2500

For High School Students

Internships are designed to build skills and help students become career-ready as they consider majoring in the arts. Students will learn about the following:

  • Graphic Design
  • Exhibit Design + Curation
  • Teaching Artists for Youth Art Camps

Summer Art Camp

Art is a community-building tool that can unify communities and help youth succeed. Each year, Studio 2500 holds a summer art camp for youth ages 9 – 18 from mid-July to early August. Elementary through high school-aged students learn about the fundamentals of art and social and emotional wellness. Art camp takes place for three weeks during the summer and gives students an opportunity to color “outside the lines” and reduce stress through creation. Studio 2500’s art camp fills the gap between school semesters by building upon what’s learned in academic classes and teaches communication, fine motor skills, and emotional intelligence.

Our paced learning encourages kids to interact in a constructive way. The collaborative work helps build self-esteem. We hold classes for 10 students at a time Monday through Friday. We work with a variety of artistic mediums such as painting, drawing, sculpting, and 3D projects. Summer art camp is FREE and costs parents nothing to have their kids partake. Local community partners sponsor the art camp to help us provide this source of enrichment for the children.

quote from student 2500 owner about youth art
studio 2500 art camp youth art
benefits of summer art camp at student 2500; builds self esteem; reduces stress
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