art gallery rental space

Art Gallery Rental Space

Studio 2500’s charm lies in its appearance and versatility. The open-concept space surrounded by walls of artistic expression caters to an evening of spoken word or an after-work cocktail hour to network with other professionals. Natural light fills the area for daytime events and intimate parties, and walls can be moved to suit the occasion. Additionally, the gallery doubles as a working studio space to host workshops and educational seminars that encourage visitors to learn, bond, and connect.

Community-focused businesses can host an event, supporting the arts and strengthening ties to the local area. Located in North Birmingham, our fine art gallery transforms into a space for gathering, celebrating, and building community indoors and outdoors.

studio 2500 events and exhibits
studio 2500

A Visually Striking & Memorable Rental Space

The fine art gallery provides a colorful backdrop and built-in centerpieces for different occasions. Each work of art is unique and tells a story, providing curated decor to enhance your event.

Bring the Ultimate Artistic & Cultural Experience to Your Event

From the paintings inside to the sculptors outside, the eclectic pieces surrounding guests will stimulate engaging conversations and leave a lasting impression. There’s an ambiance that exudes creativity and freedom of expression. This presence will speak to your guests and make your event even more attractive.

art gallery rental space

Venue Specs & Details


You have access to 1,600 square feet of art gallery space that includes one restroom.


You have access 3,000 square feet of outdoor space that includes one rest area.


50 seated; 70 standing


Equipment such as chairs, tables and tents are available to rent separately. Renters are welcome to bring their own equipment.


We have a small lot and convenient street parking available.

Hours Allowed for Events:

We have a 4-hr minimum for event space rentals that includes setup and breakdown.

Food & Beverage:

Renters are welcome to bring their own food.


$200/hr for indoor space 

$250/hr for outdoor space 

Sound & Audio:

We do not provide technical equipment such as speakers, microphones, screens, and projectors.


We have front door to access indoor space and front gate to access garden.

Studio Area
art gallery rental space
Gallery Area
art gallery rental space
Art Garden

Let us know your specific needs and goals to ensure our venue effectively aligns with your event.

Venue Rental
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