The experience


Our mission as a fine art gallery and studio is to promote visual art within a diverse and inclusive culture of creatives to stimulate learning and freedom of expression. At Studio 2500, the art, artists, and audience members engage simultaneously as a collective force of thought within this space. It is a safe space where perspectives are shared, new ideas spark, connections built, and paradigms shift. Your voice, your story, your insights matter here.

For artists specifically, exhibiting at Studio 2500 is a unique experience. The space itself and the philosophy is designed by artists for artists so that the best presentation of each work of art is maximized. If you are an experienced or emerging artist, this is the place where your experience will reach new heights and where you can tap into the potential waiting to be noticed. From Studio 2500, forward and beyond. 


“The vision is ongoing. As you continue to create, you continue to elevate”. Willie E. Williams, Jr. has continued to create the vision for his gallery and for each artist that he connects with on a daily basis. His passion stems from having grown up around a supportive and invigorating artistic environment, from home with his family, to his academic tenures at the Alabama School of Fine Arts and Birmingham Southern College. 

Willie’s overall mission as a fine art gallery owner is centered around promoting appreciation of and engagement through the arts in Birmingham. As an artist, his vision is similar, as he creates work that calls the viewer to admire, think, and to engage in meaningful discourse. His work extends far beyond Birmingham, as he has connected with artists internationally and has exhibited his works in various parts of the US, notably NY and Chicago. 

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