studio 2500

Essentially, Studio 2500 is a space for both work and exhibition. We function as a studio when engaging in artwork through classes. Additionally, we function as an art gallery when hosting receptions and exhibiting the work.  We’re proud to be a part of the North Birmingham community and operate as a place of creation and showcasing. As a blooming staple in society, we greatly appreciate support from sponsors and partners.

How Companies Can Support Studio 2500’s Mission

We run an annual art camp for students age 9 – 18 that teaches fundamental art techniques. The art camp program is also designed to instill increased focus, self-confidence, and problem-solving skills, and promote mental wellness. We want to keep the program FREE for the children, so the art camp depends on generous sponsors and local community partners.

Become a Volunteer

We welcome volunteers to assist in maintaining the art gallery and keeping the studio functioning in peak condition. We host programs, exhibitions, and events and greatly appreciate volunteers who can help us put on a show and operate.

Donate to the Cause

Studio 2500 appreciates donations to support its mission and maintain operations. We run programs to enrich the youth, beautify the community, and highlight local artists. We also host events and exhibitions that bridge connections among Birmingham.

Thank you to our partners for your continued support.

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